Strategic Plan

We develop reflective professionals and scholars

"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit."

John Steinbeck

The Mission of the College of Education at Lehigh University is to develop reflective professionals and scholars informed by theory, research, and evidence-based practice. This mission is based on a strong belief in the value and critical importance of education in an open, democratic, and diverse society. The graduate College of Education prepares students to be educational leaders in response to the major challenges faced by education in the United States and abroad.

The Goal in the coming decade is to continue to advance our role as a national leader within a select group of research intensive colleges of education in the country, one that is known not only for exemplary knowledge creation and the dissemination of that knowledge, but also one that provides an unmatched learning experience for our students. Achievement of this goal will be evident in enhanced academic stature and greater student success.
The Lehigh University College of Education is one of just a few graduate colleges in the country that has the opportunity to stress both cutting edge research and exemplary instruction and training for our students. We embrace the notion that active research programs provide a training ground for students to become leaders when they graduate from our programs. 

Prepare, engage, and lead at the local, regional, national, and international levels in the context of infrastructure, capacity, and sustainability.

A nationally ranked College of Education should be engaged in a number of critical activities. Maintaining and enhancing our reputation and effectiveness relies upon our ability to provide for an exemplary learning environment for our students, on our ability to conduct and disseminate cutting-edge research, to attract the funding necessary to expand our programs and student support, and to our willingness to directly disseminate the findings of our work at the international, national, and regional levels. The College of Education at Lehigh University will, over the next five years, become a model for the creation and dissemination of new knowledge.
Explore links to all programs by:

  • Extending the “Centennial Model” to urban schools
  • Providing enhanced experiences to international sites, urban areas, and in early intervention/prevention
  • Exploring interdisciplinary arrangements with other Lehigh Colleges
  • Providing infrastructure needs in the area of teacher practicum experiences.
  • Enhancing support for faculty to secure external funding
  • Providing statistical support to increase our ability to conduct cutting-edge research and secure funding

Maintain and enhance a nationally recognized graduate program by:

  • Preparing doctoral students to be highly productive and influential researchers
  • Preparing our masters and specialist level students to be the most effective practitioners using scientifically-based methods
  • Increasing the visibility and productivity of our Centers
  • Allocation of resources to core strengths in the College
  • Recruiting and retaining highly qualified and diverse students, and maintaining high standards for timely and successful completion of graduate training programs
  • Providing competitive financial support for graduate scholars and professional students

Increase the number of graduate and professional programs ranked in the top 30 by:

  • Recruiting and retaining transformative faculty
  • Providing faculty with the research support appropriate to a research intensive College of Education
  • Developing methods for identifying programs of emerging distinction that are central to improving the College’s stature
  • Identifying, through a College-wide reallocation process, financial resources to support excellence and areas of emerging distinction 
Expand the reach of the College of Education in Global Education

The College of Education continues to lead the campus in the effort to promote international and global education. For our students, a global focus and experience equips our students to live as members of an international community, in which success and personal happiness increasingly depend on the ability to appreciate and negotiate differences on a global scale. In addition, our ability to assist other emerging countries as they work to develop exemplary educational experiences for their children and young adults is critical to the future of our College of Education.
Expand our contribution to and use of international publications by:

  • Identifying reputable and scholarly international journals
  • Promoting publications within international journals as a means for Lehigh’s expanded recognition globally

Strengthen relationships with the Lehigh University community on the grand challenge of globalization action plan by:

  • Identifying opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage in global experiences
  • Seeking opportunities for trans-disciplinary partnerships
  • Creating global classroom environments where shared teaching and learning experiences occur
  • Utilizing the Office of International Programs to expand the reach of their activities to include College of Education programs and other Colleges at Lehigh

Cultivate partnerships with Lehigh international alums to promote educational initiatives by:

  • Partnering with alumni association and development
  • Identifying opportunities for global influence
  • Increasing international student recruitment
  • Developing connections within non-education groups to develop educational opportunities globally
  • Seeking connections to promote the development within infrastructures

Expand global connections through scholarship and practice by:

  • Increasing the amount of faculty and student research on educational issues of global concern
  • Identifying the engagement of policy makers, scholars, and stakeholders
  • Building of the visiting scholars program and ensuring that the relationship continues following residence
  • Hosting international conferences at Lehigh
Advocate for social justice and equity in policy and practice across a variety of environments and settings.

Diversity, broadly defined, is essential to the educational experience and central to all parts of the College of Education mission. A diverse learning environment helps member of the College community to challenge stereotypes and develop complex critical thinking skills, better prepares them to become active citizens and leaders, and equips them to live as members of an international community. We embrace our responsibility to create a welcoming environment for all members of the community, including underrepresented faculty, staff, and students; persons with disabilities persons of disadvantaged socioeconomic status, and international students. To do this, we will actively work toward levels of diversity that reflect the country’s diversity and in doing so, advocate for social justice.
Develop awareness and consensus around concepts of social justice and equity and diversity by:

  • Hosting world cafes, panels, and debates surrounding issues and research related to diversity and social justice.
  • Cross-institutional exchanges with other universities and through foundation efforts
  • Seeking out and developing funding sources for social justice and diversity efforts
  • Seeking federal research funding to conduct studies and disseminate results of best practices in diversity and social justice 

Increase the diversity of faculty, staff, and students by:

  • Determining the current level of international, gender, ethnic, SES, and sexual orientation diversity in our faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Setting goals based on current level of diversity matched to national norms in an incremental manner
  • Strengthening the recruitment and retention efforts of diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • Recruit students with a commitment to empirical research in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism 

Promote value and respect of multiple perspectives by:

  • Creating national and trans-national partnerships through grants and foundations
  • Creating mentoring opportunities across the Lehigh campus community
  • Ongoing assessments of faculty, staff, and student values and respect for multiple perspectives
  • Creating statements expressing our commitment to the value and consideration of diverse perspectives in COE activities
Structure all scholarship, teaching, and service efforts within the College toward a research to practice model that addresses the most pressing issues in education.

The College of Education is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge. Faculty, staff, and student research produces new knowledge, innovation, and creative works that improve our lives and society. The College’s research and post baccalaureate programs foster a rich, vibrant learning environment for all students. Our graduate and professional programs prepare the next generation of scientists, scholars, and faculty members to carry this crucial effort forward into the increasingly knowledge-intensive world of the future. In the next five years, we will seek to enhance existing programs and develop new programs of distinction that are central to our teaching, research, and service mission.

Conduct innovative research with societal impact that is both accessible and useful by:

  • Working with other units at Lehigh to develop collaborative research agendas
  • Working with external agencies, communities, and professional development opportunities
  • Improving the mentoring of faculty and graduate students for engagement in collaborative externally funded proposal writing and other research and scholarly activities
  • Evaluating research within a cultural model

Generate fiscal and personnel resources to conduct and disseminate research by:

  • Continuing to develop the Grants and Research Office to provide the support necessary for proposals and funded research 
  • Identifying and cultivating relationships with new funding sources, both federal and private
  • Increasing the level of funding for College research and personnel and dissemination
  • Increasing and enhancing name recognition of College Centers at the state and federal levels

Disseminate research in ways that are meaningful and useful to others

  • Increasing dissemination and target marketing to practitioners, families, the general public, local communities, and governmental agencies
  • Using research accomplishments to stimulate further funding opportunities

Recommend to the field, to consumers, and to governmental agencies only those procedures and interventions that have received adequate empirical attention by:

  • Conducting controlled research that is of the highest quality and is respected by colleagues and policymakers
  • Publicly responding to procedures and interventions that receive wide dissemination but have not been subjected to falsified and replicated research efforts
  • Leading an effort to increase the status of educational research in relation to other academic areas
Strategic Planning
We provide unmatched learning experiences for our students.