M.Ed. International Counseling (Hybrid)

The Master's of Education in International Counseling at Lehigh University prepares students to function in professional roles that include three key target areas of the international setting: the school, the community, and the family.

Our hybrid program is delivered on-line in the fall and spring semesters and each summer we offer academic and professional institutes face to face in Bethlehem, PA and in Greece in even years.

The specific goals of this program are to:

  • Create counselors who can conceptualize and intervene in preventative, developmental, and culturally therapeutic ways.

  • Appreciate the diversity of family life and schooling in international communities and understand how the third culture experience abroad impinges differently on the daily lives of transition faced by children and families.

  • Appreciate and embrace the scientific and empirical underpinnings of the counseling field and to work to apply them in culturally appropriate ways.

Although the program emphasizes counseling, students will be expected to be familiar with all three targets areas of intervention. A successful graduate may be employed as a counselor in a variety of settings including: elementary, middle, and secondary schools, community mental health agencies, and hospitals.

Curriculum can be found in the course catalog.

Application Requirements & Deadlines