K-12 Principal Certification

This Pennsylvania Department of Education approved program is designed for educators who are interested in assuming a position as a Principal. In addition to course work in:

  • Organization and Leadership
  • Management Functions
  • Curriculum and Supervision
  • Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners
  • Students must complete a year-long principal internship. (Fall & Spring only) 

In order to be certified as a principal in Pennsylvania, students who complete this program must also have:

  • A U.S. teaching license and five years of successful school experience at an accredited school
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Pass the PRAXIS test in Education Leadership: Administration and Supervision (#0410)

Curriculum can be found in the course catalog.    

Core Requirements - 12 credits (a minimum of 9 core credits must be completed BEFORE proceeding on courses in the Leadership & Management Skills area)

  • EdL  400  Organizational Leadership & Change Management (F, SP, SU)
  • EdL  424   Leadership: Self and Groups (F, SU)
  • EdL  421    Instructional Leadership (SP, SU)
  • EdL  420  Data-Based Decision Making (SU)

Leadership & Management Skills - 15 credits

  • EdL  422  Curriculum Management for the School Executive (SU)
  • EdL  467  Supervision and Professional Development (SP)
  • EdL  476  School Resource Management (F)
  • EdL  479  School Law and Ethics (SP)
  • EdL  423  Leading Inclusive Learning Systems (F)

Apprenticeship - 10 credits (All Core Requirements & Leadership & Management Skills coursework must be completed before proceeding to this section.)

  • EdL  404   The Principalship I (F)
  • EdL  405   The Principalship II (SP)
  • EdL  414  Internship I  2 Credits (SU, F)
  • EdL  415   Internship II  2 Credits (SP, SU)

Key: F = Fall, SP = Spring, SU = Summer

Note: In order to attain the Master's degree and Pennsylvania K-12 Principal Certification, students need to also take the following courses in addition to the courses listed above:

  • Educ  471   Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives
  • Educ  403  Research

Application Requirements & Deadlines