Hybrid Delivery Model (Online + Face-to-Face)

Summer Institutes on the campus of American College of Greece

Our program offers a hybrid delivery method - courses are offered online during the fall and spring semesters and we have summer immersion requirements. This format allows individuals from around the globe the opportunity to attend Lehigh and to become a leader in their field. Summer immersion via our Institutes is critical to producing the best leaders and provides individuals with the opportunity to experience new cultures.

Our Summer Institutes are held every summer and afford our students the opportunity to complete coursework towards their degree or certificate programs of study at an accelerated pace.  We provide state-of-the-art educational technology and research libraries. These Institutes give our students the opportunity to network with their colleagues, meet new friends,  and to interact with Lehigh faculty which ensures a top-rated education.  

Summer sessions run in a sequence of four days on, one day off, four days on. There are two days off between sessions to rest and enjoy the region.

Every year we host Summer Institutes on the campus of Lehigh University and in even years, we offer two International Counseling courses in Athens, Greece at the American College of Greece.

In Miami and London, students may take select Educational Leadership graduate program courses beginning mid-June through July. The courses meet for five days and are conducted by The Principal’s Training Center (PTC), with whom the College of Education has a partnership. Students may take courses through the PTC and transfer up to three courses (9 credits) for Lehigh credit toward an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership upon a successful application, acceptance, and enrollment.

All of our courses are terrific opportunities that can serve as stand alone Professional Development as well. Let us visit your school and provide your teachers and/or administrators with top-notch PD in a variety of Education Leadership, International Counseling and Technology in the Schools programs.