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Feb 2 2017 - 11:45am

According to an international survey conducted by Lehigh University’s College of Education’s Office of Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training (Global Online Office) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), K–12 international schools actively utilize ISTE Standards for teachers across the globe. The survey was... Read more »

Jan 30 2017 - 12:30pm

The College of Education is in concordance with the entire Lehigh University Community in rejecting action that discriminates on the basis of religion, nationality, race, gender, or any other personal characteristic or identity. We firmly believe that we are all enriched by relationships that bridge cultures and worldviews and that our... Read more »

Jan 10 2017 - 12:30pm

When the U.S. Supreme Court made its first substantive interpretation in 1982 of the main federal special education law, it was careful to say that courts should not impose their own view of education adequacy upon states and districts for children covered by the law.

In that case, Board of Education of the Hendrick Hudson Central School... Read more »

Jan 6 2017 - 2:30pm

The problem that brought 7th-grader Ethan Herald to pediatric psychologist Katrina Lindsay at Akron Children’s Hospital was a vocal stutter he later named his “echo tic.” Ethan is outgoing and had no trouble with church readings or speaking in front of his class at Northwest Middle School in Canal Fulton. But when he was nervous or excited, the... Read more »

Nov 23 2016 - 10:15am

In this special edition on veterans affairs, Nicole Johnson, an assistant professor of counseling psychology who has conducted extensive research on gender-based violence, comments for an article about military sexual trauma or MST. MST is defined by the military as any unwanted sexual activity involving a service member during active duty.... Read more »

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