Lehigh Education Ranks #22 in the Nation for Best Master's in Education Degree for 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 11:30am

Educators of all stripes help students prepare for the challenges of life and learning—a good educator doesn’t just make lessons, manage classrooms, and give grades; a good educator engages and shapes curiosity, mentors young people, and helps individuals reach their fullest potential. Whether you work in a private or public school, if you’ve completed an undergraduate education degree, you understand that a master’s in education will improve your chances of getting a job, increase your position at a school, and create job security. At College Choice, we want to help you find the best program for your Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or your Master of Arts in Education (MEd) so that you can begin a fulfilling career affecting the lives of young people.

Depending on your state’s certification rules and laws, getting more education in the field may be simpler and less costly than ever before. With a teacher shortage crisis near, many states’ departments of education are working to increase quality instructors in the classroom through policy changes, scholarships, grants, and tax/loan forgiveness incentives.