Continuing Education at the College of Education
The importance of your professional development can never be overstated.

Lehigh's College of Education offers various opportunities for individuals to expand their skills independent of the completion of a degree or in conjunction with pursuing a degree. We offer onsite, offsite and online opportunities. Our programs are designed for teachers, principals, administrators, and human service professionals that are intensive, collaborative and incorporate an evaluative stage. 

Professional development happens in a variety of ways. The College of Education offers seminars, workshops, meetings, and conferences. The importance of your professional development can never be overstated.  As educators and human service professionals in the 21st century it is important to continue your education. 

Our professional development energizes educators, administrators, instructional technologists, psychologists, and counselors continuously and keeps you at the cutting edge of your field. 

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Are you an organization that is interested in on-site professional development?

Lehigh University's College of Education provides world-class professional development workshops for overseas teacher and administrator groups as small as 15 and as large as 40 people. Our experienced faculty can lead workshop participants through intensive, on-site workshops during a two or three day time frame. Our subject areas include: Educational Leadership; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Technology Use in the Schools. For more information, please contact Stephen Kazar, Global Online Director, at: