Theory to Practice | ISSUE No. 7 • FALL ’16
Fall '16 Edition
In this issue of Theory to Practice, we examine questions explored by our faculty and our students. How can educational systems help refugees who are struggling to start life anew in countries feeling the strain? How can teachers better engage students who are ever more culturally and linguistically diverse? Can wearable technology help in the evaluation of how principals use their time? We also highlight the important work that the College is doing around the globe, from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to Cambodia, China and the Czech Republic.

ISSUE No. 7 • FALL ’15

The Charter Challenge: As charter schools proliferate, a polarizing debate could use common ground.

Fostering a Secure Attachment: A Lehigh researcher challenges long-held beliefs about how mothers can best connect with their infants.

A Case for Public Education: Activist Diane Ravitch answers questions her critics might ask.

ISSUE No. 6 • FALL ’14

State of the Union: Have teachers unions become obstacles to reform in the battle over public education?

Respect Begets Respect: Restraint and "scream rooms" are hurting kids. Here’s a better way for dealing with students with behavior problems.

A Man of the Times: Michael Golden’s worldview was shaped, in part, by Lehigh’s College of Education.

ISSUE No. 5 • Fall ’13

The Reverse Gender Gap: Boys now lag behind girls in several significant areas of education. We look at the reasons—and possible solutions.

Finding Common Ground: Where can we find research-supported points of consensus amid the long-running clamor over school reform?

Inside the Mind of School Shooters: What teachers, administrators, parents, and students can do to help prevent these tragedies.

ISSUE No. 4 • FALL ’12

Reinventing the Future: Are we being too one-dimensional when we think about STEM education, or do we need to follow a new blueprint?

The Bully Among Us Bullying is rampant in schools, and it creates a toxic environment that hurts bystanders, bullies and victims.

Lore vs. Law Exploring five prevailing myths in special education litigation, and why they lead to misguided policies.

ISSUE No. 3 • FALL ’11

Saving the Future: Response to Intervention is a data-driven method of addressing specific learning disabilities.

A Mathematical Enigma: The simple truth: Preschool math skills are indicators of long-term academic success.

Competition Canard: Despite the misperception, American classrooms are more competitive than you think.



ISSUE No. 2 • FALL ’10

Education Held Hostage: Across the globe, in the most unlikely of places, academic humanitarians help students turn tragedy into opportunity.

Our World, Our Lab: Lehigh builds a community of K-12 scholars in the healing nations of Cambodia and South Africa.

Redemption: Centennial School students persevere, achieve and become their own role models. A photo essay.



The Economics of Reform: With billions of dollars of aid being poured into education, Washington takes tighter control of the purse strings.

Building the Bench: The City of Brotherly Love turns to the next generation of urban educational leaders.

Expelling ADHD: A package of preschool interventions gives youngsters a new perspective on life.