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The College of Education is one of four colleges at Lehigh University and has one department, Education & Human Services. The department is comprised of five academic programs:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Leadership
  • School Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Teaching, Learning, & Technology (Instructional Technology and Teacher Education)

Visit the Lehigh page for our organizational chart.

Mailing Address: Lehigh University, College of Education, Iacocca Hall, 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Dean's Office: 610-758-3221
Department of Education & Human Services: 610-758-3241
Centennial School: 610-266-6500
Center for Promoting Research to Practice: 610-758-3267
Events Office : 610-6873
Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training: 610-758-5737
Lehigh University School Study Council: 610-758-3805<
Marketing & Communications: 610-758-3221
Office of Admissions: 610-758-3231
Office of Professional Certification: 610-758-5648

Program contacts:
Counseling Psychology: 610-758-3256
Educational Leadership: 610-758-3250
Elementary & Secondary Education: 610-758-3230
Instructional Technology: 610-758-3230
School Psychology: 610-758-3256
Special Education: 610-758-3230
Teaching, Learning, & Technology: 610-758-3230

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