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Technology Leadership and Global Education Certificate

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The Technology Leadership and Global Education Certificate was developed in partnership with Discovery Education and is designed to support international educators.

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  • Application requirements: Online application, transcripts, resume, minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75
  • Deadline(s): July 15 for fall start, February 15 for spring start and April 15 for summer start
  • Course Requirements: 4 courses (12 credits)
  • Typical Course Load: Fall (1 or 2 courses), Spring (1 or 2 courses), Summer (1 or 2 courses)
  • Time to Completion: 1 year or less
  • Modality Options: Fully online (asynchronous) 
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The first 7-week course, School Leadership in the Digital Age, begins March 22, 2021. For more information and next steps contact


This Certificate is aimed at post-certification in-service teachers, curriculum specialists, and ICT coordinators in independent international schools seeking to expand their skills and knowledge of instructional technology and global education. Students will learn best practices in the design and development of instruction and materials. In addition, students will learn to implement, integrate and evaluate new and emerging instructional technologies to enhance learning outcomes in international school settings. Completion of this certificate will enhance students' abilities to be leaders in technology use within their school communities.

Two courses are offered sequentially per semester. Each course is 7 weeks, online, and asynchronous.

Curriculum & Course Descriptions
TLT 471 Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives in Global Education

Examination of the influence of culture, gender, and disabilities on behavior and attitudes. Historical and current perspectives on race,culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity diversity, and minority group issues in education and psychology. The primary context of application is contemporary international education. 3 credits.

TLT 475 Trends and Innovations in Instructional Technology

Examination of current research and emerging trends in instructional technology with the goal of anticipating the development and diffusion of new practices in schools and school systems. As William Gibson famously said, “The future is here today, it’s just not evenly distributed.” 3 credits.

TLT 477 Cognitive Theory and Technology Integration

The spread of instructional technology systems and expanding knowledge of how we think and how learn has changed the ground beneath educators' feet. This course provides teachers with practical examples and frameworks for applying cognitive science and technology to benefit students through increased engagement, increased formative evaluation, and more. 3 credits.

TLT 478 School Leadership in the Digital Age

Successful implementation of any initiative in schools is contingent on support from leadership, whether it be administrators or teacher leaders. This course will focus on the characteristics of good leadership and how they may be applied in successful technology integration strategies. Concepts will be explored around creating an environment of equity through digital access, being a champion for personalized learning, and building a collaborative ecosystem of support. 3 credits.