Ph.D. Special Education

This 60-credit degree program is designed for the college graduate who holds a master’s degree in special education or a related area and who is interested in pursuing advanced studies in special education. This degree program prepares students for careers in educational leadership in higher education as teacher trainers, consultants, and researchers.

This post-master's degree program is individualized and emphasizes applied research, faculty-student mentoring, and the development of professional competencies such as writing for publication, college teaching, grant writing, and program administration.

Students select a faculty mentor who has expertise in their area of interest and work closely with them to:
  • develop skills and expertise in all aspects of research, including formulating research ideas, carrying out procedures, summarizing results, and preparing findings for publication,

  • present at national, state, regional, and local conferences,

  • supervise preservice teachers.

Curriculum can be found in the course catalog.

Application Requirements & Deadlines