Support for Teachers in the Field

Lehigh provides, without charge, high quality professional support for teachers in the field. While Lehigh, as a private institution, cannot provide free support to all teachers in the area, it does provide such ongoing support for its own graduates and for teachers and professional staff at its local integrated professional development (IPDS) partner schools.

Our post-graduation professional support for teacher graduates has four components: (1) online resources, (2) face-to-face annual sessions, (3) professional advancement credits and (4) email support and follow up surveys.

Please explore our website to learn more about each opportunity.

The College of Education Distinguished Lecture Series: Leaders of Practice

In classrooms across the nation, educators are challenged each day to situate learning within the larger context of daily life. Our annual Distinguished Lecture Series events have, over the past decade, provided educators, alumni, and the public with the latest in research and practice across a wide variety of topics. Lehigh College of Education faculty and leading educational experts have presented their work in topics such as "Issues in Urban Education", "Best Practices for Students with Significant Learning Problems", "Cutting-Edge Programs and Practices for Students with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Needs", and "Best Practices within the STEM Areas". Visit our lecture page for more information.

Colloquia Series

Our Education and Human Services department hosts a total of four colloquia during the academic year; two in the fall and two in the spring, each focusing on one of the seven discipline areas of the college. Past speakers have presented on the topics of Response to Intervention; Comparative Education at the end of an Era; Creative Leadership for Student Learning; Emerging Interactive Media and Neomillennial Learning Styles: Implications for Higher Education; Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: The Efficacy of a Family-School Partnership Model on Behavioral and Relational Outcomes; Future Equity Research in Special Education: Interdisciplinary Notes for a Historical Model. See events for upcoming departmental colloquia. Visit our events for more information.

Professional Advancement Credits

For Act 48 reporting, please visit this link on the Office of Professional Certification page.  Review the page closely and report credits as appropriate. 

Contact Us

Our students often email us after they have graduated to ask questions about teaching or to tap our expertise in solving classroom issues. Please visit our faculty directory to reach out to us! 

We offer a variety of services for our teacher graduates in the field. Please contact us with your specific need.