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Special Education Law Symposium

Event Date: 
Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 12:00am
Lehigh University will offer the 2020 Symposium via distance learning (via a secure password), consistent with the university’s encouragement of the alternative of remote technology so that important events can continue during the COVID-19 pandemic without jeopardizing public health and safety. Access the entire symposium on your home computer.

The 2020 symposium will again overlap with a separable two-day (June 25-26) Section 504 Coordinators Institute, designed to provide both a conceptual framework and “nuts and bolts” implementation guidance for school personnel designated to implement this emerging non-discrimination mandate.

The symposium is exploring a taped option, which would be available to registrants for a limited time.

We have always valued face-to-face interactions, a hallmark of our conferences. However, the current national emergency challenges us to be innovative and flexible. Just as we encourage our students with and without disabilities to see challenges as opportunities, it’s our time now to model that spirit.

We have a full complement of attorneys (both sides) who will deliver the content as advertised for the 2020 Symposium. Likewise, the Symposium will post all attorney outlines (including legal citations) and other materials on-line with password access.