Lehigh Ed Socratic Rounds

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Lehigh Educational Socratic Rounds is an open forum for educators and those interested in all levels of education.

Using a Socratic Seminar format, Rounds provides an opportunity for the sharing of multiple perspectives in a risk-free environment on instructional practice and other important issues that have an impact on the core of schooling in both the public and private sectors.

Each Rounds begins with a provocative question, article, or line of research that is discussed in small groups. Then a synopsis of these small group discussions is shared within the entire group.  Each Rounds is concluded with a discussion on, “What Does it Mean to be an Educator in These Times?”

In honor of Black History Month we will be screening, and discussing, James Baldwin's, "I Am Not Your Negro." 

Led by Jon Drescher, Professor of Practice, in the Educational Leadership Program at Lehigh. Jon teaches graduate classes that are focused on developing leaders who will transform schools into outstanding institutions of student learning. Jon also leads the Urban Principal Leadership Academy at Lehigh.

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