College of

Dr. Mark R. Emerick

Adjunct Professor
Room A321

In his scholarly work, Dr. Emerick critiques structural inequalities that limit the access and opportunities of emergent bilingual students (i.e., students who are learning English), especially school policies and practices in career and technical education (CTE).  In this research, he draws on critical race theory to explain inequalities in the education system and to understand the ways in which racial identities, beliefs, linguistic and political ideologies, and language education policies facilitate and/or restrict emergent bilinguals' opportunities to achieve college and career readiness. As an ethnographer, he spends extended periods of time “in the field.” This approach allows him to experience and document educational processes and practices as understood by the participants. Importantly, he strive to foreground the stories of emergent bilingual youth, which are often overlooked and under-appreciated in educational research and practice.