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M.Ed. Globalization and Educational Change

This program was phased out.

The M.Ed. in Globalization and Educational Change was designed to prepare graduates to work in schools and with educational systems – both in the U.S. and internationally. To do so, the program equipped graduates to understand, participate in, and make data-driven decisions in classrooms and schools around the world. Lehigh offered it for it domestic students in a face-to-face format as well as through a hybrid format through out Global Distance program. Curriculum was the same, except for modality.

Core courses explored how education related to economic, political, and social dimensions of globalization, as well as examined how school policies, structures, and practices are contextualized in different geopolitical contexts.

The program provided a strong theoretical and empirical base for making positive change in different school settings in a rapidly changing global context. Students grappled with understanding the impact of globalization on education both domestically and abroad. They also delved into contemporary issues related to educational change requiring an understanding of the importance and application of data-driven decision-making.

Coursework required the completion of a minimum of 30 credits. This degree was designed with a required core of 6 courses (18 credits) centered on educational comparison, globalization and contextualization, social justice and equity, and curriculum issues. In addition to the required courses, students had the opportunity to concentrate in an individually-designed focus area or one of a number of areas leading to an additional Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the following areas:

  • International Development in Education
  • International Counseling
  • Special Education
  • Teaching English to Second Language Learners
  • Technology Use in the Schools
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 

Each concentration area required the completion of four courses (12 credits) designed to enhance expertise and complement the core components. The concentrations gave students great latitude in designing a highly individualized course of study based on their real-world situations and career-related interests.


CIE 400 - Comparative and International Education, 3 credits
CIE 401 - Globalization & Contextualization, 3 credits
CIE 402 - Development and Evaluation of International Educational Projects, 3 credits
CIE 403 - Globalization and Curriculum Implications, 3 credits
CIE 471 - Globalization and Education Equity, 3 credits
EDUC 403 - Research, 3 credits

Official Lehigh curriculum can be found in the course catalog.