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The College of Education & Department of Education and Human Services Overview

The College of Education consists of a single department, the Department of Education and Human Services, and the department encompasses six distinct academic programs. In addition, the College supports a set of interrelated programs to include Centennial School, Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL), Center for Promoting Research to Practice (CPRP), Office of Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training, and the Office of Teacher Certification.

The Department of Education and Human Services consists of the following five programs:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Leadership
  • School Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Teaching, Learning and Technology (teacher education and instructional technology/design)

Department Chair: Dr. Arpana Inman
Associate Chairperson: Dr. Alec Bodzin
Department Coordinator: Donna Ball

Departmental Handbook

The Departmental Handbook is in the process of being updated.

Graduate Student Handbook

This Graduate Student Handbook is prepared and issued by the Dean's Office to serve as a reference for graduate students and those involved in graduate education in the College of Education at Lehigh University. The Office of Financial Aid provided information pertinent to Federal and State Financial Aid. The university and the college reserve the right to change at any time the rules governing admission, tuition and fees, courses, the granting of degrees, or other regulations affecting graduate students.
Your comments and suggestions for the next edition are most welcome. You may want to suggest new wording for requirements. You may want to add some information that we may have overlooked. Use the comment sheet at the end of this book or write your comments to: Dean William Gaudelli, College of Education A325 Iacocca Hall, 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015 / Phone: 610-758-3221 | Fax: 610-758-6223 | Email:

Course Schedule and Documents

To download a list of all the courses offered throughout the College of Education, click on the link below.

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