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Graduate Degrees in Education

Graduate Student Handbook

Lehigh's College of Education offers only graduate degree programs; however, undergraduates can apply to the five-year program in Teaching, Learning, and Technology or can minor in education.  Upper-level undergraduates may minor in education that combines practicum activities with theoretical work and is designed to provide a foundation for further educational studies at the graduate level.  Students enrolled in the College of Education should check with their advisers for a list of regulations and requirements governing degree programs.

Also available is a non-degree program designed for individuals interested in taking a few courses in the college.  For information contact Donna Johnson (610-758-3231 or

All degree and non-degree programs in Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership, School Psychology, Special Education, and Teaching, Learning & Technology leading to state certification are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).  The School Psychology and Counseling Psychology doctoral programs are fully accredited by the American Psychological Association.  The doctoral and specialist programs in School Psychology are fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists. The Counseling and Human Services program in Counseling Psychology is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council. The Educational Leadership Program is a member of the University Council of Education Administration. 

Please visit the Program websites to learn more about each program's degree, certification, certificates, faculty and administrators.