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Graduate Student Handbook

The Basics


We've created a check-list to help you get started at Lehigh. 

Graduate Student Orientation

The Graduate Life Office provides general university orientation activities the week before classes begin.  This office offers excellent online materials to help you get settled in and know where to go for what things.  For more details and specifics, please visit:

Programs in the College of Education also offer new student orientation sessions to provide information about registering for courses and departmental procedures.  Contact your program coordinator for information about when and where these orientations will be held.  Such orientations usually take place at the beginning of the fall semester.

The Office of International Students and Scholars (32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, 610-758-4859) conducts an orientation program for international graduate students and scholars holding non-immigrant visas.  This orientation covers basic immigration and work-related questions, offers the mandatory TB test, provides the opportunity to establish a bank account, apply for a social security number, and much more. Visit: or email

Student Identification Cards

All currently registered full-time or part-time students are entitled to receive a university ID card.  Graduate students must wait at least one day after registering for classes to obtain a university ID card at the IDEAL office, located at 42 University Drive and no ID cards will be released prior to one (1) month before the start of classes for the semester the student is registered for, with the exception of those students living in university housing.  If you have any questions concerning the policies relating to ID card eligibility, or the procedures for receiving your ID card, please contact the ID Office at 610-758-5843.

Upon graduation or withdrawal from the university, or upon termination of employment at Lehigh, your ID card is no longer valid.  ID cards remain the property of Lehigh University and must be surrendered to the university upon request. 

Deferred Tuition

If your employer reimburses your graduate tuition at Lehigh University, you can request a deferment of the payment of your graduate tuition.  You may defer your tuition until a date specified by the Bursar's Office each semester that is later than registration, or until the date of the reimbursement from your company, whichever is sooner.  You must complete and submit a new deferment form and deferment fee EACH semester you wish to defer your tuition.  To receive a deferment, print a copy of the Graduate Tuition Deferment Request and complete all student information, as well as the Payment and Deferment Calculation, and sign the form where indicated.  You must pay a $50.00 fee each time you wish to have your tuition deferred.  The deferment fee and any other charges on your student account must be paid in full by the payment due date for that semester in order to complete registration.  The deferment is for your tuition only.  Information about this can be found here.


The Lehigh University Bookstore is located on the ground level of Campus Square (1 Farrington Square).  Regular hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday noon – 5:00 p.m.  Dates of extended hours are published in advance.

The bookstore carries all texts and other materials needed for courses, a large collection of general books, personal supplies, gifts, clothing, and souvenirs.  The bookstore will gladly order an item for you if it is out of stock.  Periodically, the bookstore runs special discounts for students, particularly ones tied to sports victories and indexed to the size of our margin of victory.

The bookstore accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card.  You may also open a bookstore charge by presenting your student ID and filling out an application for a charge account.

Network/Computer Account

All current Lehigh students will receive a Lehigh user account.  Your electronic account permits use of a broad range of productivity tools such as e-mail and a campus-licensed copy of the Microsoft Suite, including MS-WORD, Excel and PowerPoint.  It also gives you access to other academic resources, such as library databases and electronic journals, web-based course systems, and special software programs and workstations.  An account login is required for all computing uses except for the library kiosks in Fairchild-Martindale Library and Linderman Library.  

The Lehigh user account, accessed through a single user name and password, is all you need to gain wired or wireless network access (including at instructor's stations), to handle Lehigh e-mail, and access library online services.  

To open an account, visit and activate your account.  You must have your nine-digit LIN (Lehigh I.D. Number) and PIN (Personal Identification Number) handy.  For more detailed information about how to open your account, see:

If you have difficulties opening an account, you may visit Fairchild-Martindale Library Information Commons or call the Help Desk at 610-758-HELP (610-758-4357) anytime.

Connecting from off Campus: You may connect to most library resources seamlessly from off campus. For more information, visit:

Library Privileges

Your Lehigh ID Card also serves as your library card.  Graduate students may check library books out for the semester.  To use PALCI, a web-search-and-borrow gateway that allows simultaneous searching of academic library catalogs in Pennsylvania and a request function, simply log in to PALCI from the library home page and supply your LIN to authenticate your Lehigh affiliation.  PALCI loans are a maximum of 100 days and overdue books are subject to a fine of 1.00 per day. Library collections and services, with the exception of PALCI, use your Lehigh user account as your online Lehigh credentials.

Motor Vehicle Registration

All motor vehicles operated on University property by full- or part-time students, faculty, and staff, must be registered with the Parking Services Office located on 622 Brodhead Avenue (610-758-7275). Any enrolled student who wishes to park on campus --regardless of whether they live on- or off-campus, is full- or part-time, is an undergraduate, graduate, ROTC, LVAIC, graduate assistant, teaching assistant, or research assistant-- is required to purchase a parking permit (see next heading - Parking Permit Instructions). Upon presentation of a properly completed request form, a state registration card for the vehicle being registered, a valid University ID and payment of required fee, a parking permit will be issued by Parking Services. For complete information, visit the Lehigh Parking & Transporation webpage.

Parking Permit Instructions for Graduate Students

  1. Apply online at
  2. You MUST log in with your Lehigh ID and password. Do not create an account.
  3. Print out your receipt and display it on your dashboard until your permit arrives.
  4. If your vehicle was not previously registered with Lehigh, you will be required to scan and
  5. upload a copy of your state vehicle registration. Your state vehicle registration must be included with your submission or you will NOT be able to complete your purchase and your application will not be processed. When entering your vehicle registration, do not use spaces and/or dashes.
  6. Shipping: All orders will be shipped as orders are received. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. All permits will be shipped USPS. Please be mindful of your correct campus mailing address when shipping to campus and where you will be residing at the time of shipment. Shipping is free.
  7. State-issued motor vehicle registration must be uploaded.
  8. Payment – We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. GoldPLUS, cash, and personal check are not accepted online, however, they will be accepted if application is made at the Parking Services office.

For complete information, visit the Lehigh Parking & Transporation webpage.

Bus Service

Lehigh provides free transportation within the university on a regular basis throughout the year. For complete information, visit the Lehigh Parking & Transporation webpage

Track buses in real-time at:

Follow on Twitter: @goLehighTransit

Food Services

There are limited food services on Mountaintop campus. The Iaccoca Café on the first ground floor of Iaccoca Hall sells drinks, food, and snacks and is open Monday through Friday, although hours may vary.  There are also vending machines with limited snack offerings on the first and second floors of Building A of Iacocca Hall.

Lower/main campus offers many more food services and most of these are housed in the University Center (affectionately referred to as the “UC.”).  For example, the Asa Packer Room on the third floor of the UC serves full hot meals and salads in buffet style.  For a listing of all Lehigh food service locations, including hours, menus and prices, please this page.

Brown and White

This campus newspaper is published on a regular basis.  Besides publishing articles about current events at Lehigh, it advertises campus events such as lectures, concerts, movies, and sports.  Copies of the Brown and White can usually be found at the Information Desk in the main lobby of Iacocca Hall or you can read issues online.

Banking Services

There is a automatic teller machine located in the Iaccoca Café of Iacocca Hall.  This wheelchair accessible ATM supports cash withdrawals. 


You can print to any available printer in any LTS Computing Site either from a site computer or from any laptop authenticated to Lehigh’s network and properly configured for public site printing.

All Lehigh students receive 75 points for use on printing per year (accounts will be reset each August sometime after the last day of Summer sessions and before the start of the Fall semester). B/W print jobs start at a cost of .05 points per side and color print jobs start at .25 points per side (with an additional discount for choosing to print double-sided). As most printing is on 8½ x11 paper on black and white printers at the public sites, this equates to approximately 1500 free prints per year.

Lehigh graduate students can receive an additional 25 points worth of free printing because of their research expectations and instructional responsibilities. The initial 75 point allowance will have to be exhausted before an additional 25 points will be added to the account. The graduate student will have to come to the library circulation desk in Linderman or Fairchild-Martindale and present their Lehigh student ID in order to receive the additional amount. After the maximum amount of a 100 points allowance is exhausted, then the graduate student will have to add their own funds to replenish the account. This is a one-time gift and can be given only in the Fall or Spring semester.

Students use .05 points per single-sided page and .08 points per double-sided page for black and white printing on 8½ x11 paper at public site printers. Lehigh is basing its 75 point print allowance on data collected at public site printers over the past two years. Refer to the list of public site printers for single print costs as well as duplexing discounts.

PaperCut will allow you to print up to 50 copies of a single file at one time. You will be restricted from printing the same file again for 1 minute unless you have re-saved the document using a different filename. In addition, the page count limit for any single file is 400. The file size limit is 100MB.

Please see the LTS Networking and Printing website for complete information.