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Graduate Student Handbook

Residential Services

Graduate students may apply to Residential Services in Rathbone Hall (610-758-3500; for housing in Lehigh’s graduate student housing complex, Saucon Village.  The complex provides 136 living units that are rented generally on a yearly basis.  The university’s bus service is available to all students and provides continuous transportation between main campus and Saucon Village.  In addition, there are a few graduate housing accommodations in the Packer House on main campus.  All graduate apartments and houses are smoke free.  For more information, please visit LU graduate student housing.

Off-campus Housing

It is recommended you consult Lehigh’s recommendations of things to consider to aid you in your search for an off-campus apartment.  This guide also provides a listing of city-inspected off-campus apartments. Both the guide and the apartment listings are available from the Residential Services Office, as well as online.

Students who are looking for roommates can connect with other students on the Roommate Forum, also available at the URL above.