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College of Education Staff and Structure

Graduate Student Handbook

The College of Education is a nationally recognized graduate college. Our distinction resides in our ability to serve as a community of scholars and teachers. The diversity of our partnerships, the quality of our research and teaching, and the invigorating and supportive learning environment distinguish us as leaders among graduate colleges of education.

The College of Education offers a master of arts in education, a master of education, a master of science in education, the educational specialist, a joint master in business administration/master of education and both a doctor of education and a doctor of philosophy degree, as well as a variety of post-baccalaureate certificates in various concentrations.

Education and Human Services (EHS) Department:
Dr. Christopher Liang, Chairperson, 610-758-3253,
Dr. Patricia Manz, Associate Chairperson, 610-758-5656,
Vilma Rodriguez, Departmental Coordinator, 610-758-3241,

The EHS department consists of five academic programs: Counseling Psychology; Educational Leadership; School Psychology; Special Education; and Teaching, Learning and Technology. The focus of these programs is to prepare students for leadership roles in groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary inquiry that shapes educational practices nationally and internationally. The College of Education prepares individuals for leadership roles in school systems and a variety of of positions in business and industry, healthcare, private practice, international development and community-based organizations. We embrace the philosophy that a top-quality education should provide the instruction, resources and experience necessary to create a new type of educator, one who understands the nature of learning, social equity and cultural diversity, who values collaboration and teamwork, and who embraces societal challenges. 

In addition to this single department with five core programs, there are three other units within the College of Education. Each is described below.

Centennial School
Dr. Julie Fogt Director,, 610-266-6500
The College of Education operates the Centennial School, a laboratory facility for children with emotional/behavior disorders that has both an elementary and a secondary component.Centennial School provides research opportunities as well as practical experience for advanced students in Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership, School Psychology, and Special Education Programs.

The Center for Promoting Research to Practice
Dr. Lee Kern, Director,, 610-758-3267
The Center’s mission is to generate new knowledge that will truly impact the lives of individuals with disabilities. The primary objective of the center is to create a living laboratory that establishes partnerships with schools, parents and families, and community service providers to enhance the use of best practices for individuals with disabilities.

COE Organization Chart, Spring 2021

Lehigh University College of Education Organization Chart - Spring 2021
The College of Education is composed of a single department, Education and Human Services, Centennial School, the Center for Promoting Research to Practice, and the Global Online Graduate Degrees and Training Office.


Title Person Phone Email
Dean Dr. William Gaudelli 610-758-3221
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Dr. Robin Hojnoski 610-758-3268
Associate Dean for Research Dr. George DuPaul 610-758-3252
Department Chair Dr. Christopher Liang 610-758-3253
Associate Department Chair Dr. Patricia Manz 610-758-5095
Department Coordinator Vilma Rodriguez 610-758-3241
Centennial School Director Dr. Julie Fogt 610-266-6500
Counseling Psychology Program Director Dr. Grace Caskie 610-758-6094
School Psychology Program Director Dr. Bridget Dever 610-758-3210
Counseling and School Psychology Coordinator Lori Gallagher Anderson 610-758-3256
Educational Leadership Program Director Dr. Floyd Beachum 610-758-5955
Educational Leadership Program Coordinator Cindi Deutsch 610-758-3250
Special Education Program Director  Dr. Minyi Dennis 610-758-4793
TLT and Special Education Program Coordinator Donna Toothman 610-758-3230 
Teaching, Learning & Technology Program Dr. Brook Sawyer 610-758-3236 
Admissions and Recruiting, Associate Director Jamie Kardos 610-758-5857
Admissions and Recruiting, Admissions Manager Donna Johnson 610-758-3231
Admissions and Recruiting, Admissions Assistant Shannon Weber 610-758-5557
Office of Professional Certification, Director Lisa Collins 610-758-2805
Office of Professional Certification, Program Coordinator Carla Kologie 610-758-5648
Business Manager Deborah Watlington 610-758-6968
Deans’ Executive Secretary Marlene Vant Hoogt 610-758-3221
Senior Research Program Development Officer Gina Sierzega 610-758-2910
Director of Development (DAR) Annie Badadarian 610-758-2692
Library and Tech Consultant (LTS) Denise Campion 610-758-3985
Education and Learning Design Librarian (LTS) Jasmine Woodson 610-758-4889