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Socratic Rounds - September 2018

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
This year, the 8th year of our monthly Rounds, we will be focusing our discussions on issues of: Race, Gender, Class, Sexual Orientation and Privilege. The idea being that we want to bring issues of discrimination to the forefront and how they impact our society and our schools. We will also discuss the role that Creativity & Imagination can play in addressing these issues. We'll look at research, articles, and videos.

Our first Rounds will be on Saturday morning (yes, they're on Saturday mornings) September 22 in Room 210 of Building C on the Mountaintop Campus at Lehigh. Building C is directly across from Iacocca Hall where we have met for the previous 7 years. Breakfast is at 9 and our Socratic gathering for sharing runs from 9:30-noon. Rounds are open to all and are always free of charge so please be there and please invite others from our communities to join as well. If you are genuinely out of the area, and want to attend, please let me know and I'll send you a Zoom invitation so you can participate virtually.

If you're not there everyone else can't benefit from what you will bring to the discussions and vice-versa. 

No RSVP is necessary just show up, leave when you have to, and be prepared to meet some wonderful people who are passionate about the change that is so needed in our society.

If you have a network of your own, please distribute this announcement.

Some questions we will consider are: 

How have Creativity and Imagination helped you in dealing with issues of discrimination? 

What role can the Arts play in bringing these issues to the surface so they can be more effectively addressed in our schools and in society in general?

How have your direct, or indirect, experiences with issues of Race, Class, Gender and Privilege impacted your practice as an educator?

For the Fall semester Rounds will meet on: September 22, October 20 and December 8.   We will meet in Building C Room 210. Breakfast is at 9 and we have our gathering for sharing, and growth, from 9:30-noon. Rounds are free of charge and are open to all.

Thanks so much. See you on September 22.