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2010 Theory to Practice

An Inquisitive Review of Contemporary Education & Health

The work detailed in this issue of Theory to Practice points to the vitality and influence of our college faculty and students who have devoted themselves to effecting real and positive change in the educational landscape today and into the future.

We welcome you to this review of our current efforts, to many of the most pressing issues in the field today, and to the Lehigh University College of Education.

Education Held Hostage
Education Held Hostage

Lehigh researchers share their experiences as “academic humanitarians” intent on changing the odds for communities torn apart by culture, politics, tradition and war.

Centennial School: A New Beginning

Faced with no more options and little support, Centennial School students are given a new beginning and a chance to excel.

Our lab, our world
Our World, Our Lab

Lehigh explores the benefits of a new transnational curriculum inspired by philanthropic alumni.

Publisher: Gary Sasso 
Editor: Tom Yencho
Design Director: Kurt Hansen 

Contributing Writers: Kathleen Bitner, Michael Bradley, Geoff Gehman, Emily Groff

Theory to Practice is published annually by Lehigh University’s College of Education and the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs.