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2013 Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice 2013
An Inquisitive Review of Contemporary Education & Health

Our lead article, “The Reverse Gender Gap,” provides a long-overdue discussion of the underperformance of boys in our schools and the role that gender advocacy may play in pathologizing the behavior of our male students. While controversial in that this topic is most often neglected in favor of the persistent emphasis on the areas where females continue to lag behind males in adult achievement, any objective analysis of the performance of boys in schools strongly suggests that it is past time we begin to provide for their welfare in a more aggressive manner.

School Reform
The Challenge of School Reform

Faculty and educational leaders share ideas on where we might find some research-supported points of consensus amid the long-running clamor over school reform.

The Mistake of Judging the "Average School"

J-town represents what is wrong with current judging and ranking of schools. Like many schools across the country, J-town will not be identified as a persistently low-achieving school, nor cited as a top school in the state.

Inside the Mind of School Shooters
Inside the Mind of School Shooters

Lehigh COE alumnus Peter Langman, a sought-after expert on the psychology of young people who commit school shootings, sat down with Dr. Arnold Spokane for an in-depth interview.

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