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2014 Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice 2014
An Inquisitive Review of Contemporary Education & Health

Welcome to the teachers union wars. On one side are education reformers, including groups backed by heirs to the WalMart fortune and other super wealthy Americans. Those reformers argue that unions and teacher tenure stand in the way of removing incompetent teachers and providing more choices for families seeking better educations for their children. On the other side are two of the biggest unions in America and their allies who say the reformers are ultimately seeking to dismantle the public school system and privatize education.

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Centennial School
Respect Begets Respect

Congress is trying to curtail the use of restraints and permanently retire so-called “scream rooms” nationwide

A Man of the Times

Michael Golden made his career in journalism, but his worldview was shaped by his time at Lehigh's College of Education. 

Understanding ADHD

Treatment for ADHD must primarily focus on critical areas of functioning rather than symptoms.

Publisher: Gary Sasso 
Editor: Mary Ellen Alu 
Creative Director: Kurt Hansen 
Contributing Writers:  Margie Peterson, Daryl Nerl, Elizabeth Shimer Bowers, Kelly Hochbein


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