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2016 Theory to Practice

Theory to Practice, 2016
Feature Story: The Refugee Crisis

The Refugee Crisis

Beaten nearly to death by militia in his home city of Baghdad, Abbas Khalaf left Iraq and traveled to Egypt on a tourist visa in September 2006. On his mission to find and prepare a safe place for his family, Khalaf left behind his wife and three young children and began an odyssey rife with risk and uncertainty.

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Feature Stories

Dr. Lee Kern, Director of the Center for Promoting Research to Practice
Can We Curb School Violence?

So, can we curb school violence? The answer is yes...but it takes some work.

Speaking My Language
Speaking My Language

In an increasingly diverse society, schools are faced with the challenge of providing an effective education to all.

A Smarter Way to Work
A Smarter Way to Work

A team of students at Mountaintop set out to determine if wearable technology could help in evaluating principals.

Publisher: Gary Sasso 
Editor: Mary Ellen Alu 
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Contributing Writers: Kelly Hochbein, Daryl Nerl, Jennifer Marangos, Margie Peterson, Manasee Wagh

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