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Educational Leadership & Music: Book Review

ISSUE No. 9 • FALL ’17

With music an integral part of daily lives, why not incorporate lyrics into education to promote social and political awareness?  

In Educational Leadership and Music: Lessons for Tomorrow’s School Leaders, Floyd D. Beachum, associate professor of Educational Leadership at Lehigh, joins Jeffrey S. Brooks of Monash University and Terri N. Watson of The City College of New York in exploring how specific artists or music groups have impacted social movements, provided personal inspiration and ultimately impacted educational leadership.

The book acts as a guide to explore ways that school leaders can use “the magic of music” to inspire and teach future generations.

Beachum also wrote a chapter on Public Enemy, Education, and Leadership: Muse-Sick or Mess-Age? in which he discusses how the rap group Public Enemy encourages black pride and preaches against political injustices. Beachum examines how Public Enemy’s music can expose racial controversies and teach leadership lessons to listeners. 

Story by Lauryn Ragone.