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The Percy Hughes Award: Recognizing Leadership

ISSUE No. 9 • FALL ’17

Percy Hughes AwardThe Percy Hughes Award for Scholarship, Humanity and Social Change is awarded annually by the College of Education to honor individuals who work towards implementing big, transformative ideas in the local, national and world communities. 

Named for Percy Hughes, a philosopher, teacher and professor who directed the Philosophy, Education, and Psychology Department at Lehigh from 1907 until 1942, the gift was established by members of Hughes’ family, including daughter Elizabeth Hughes Clark and granddaughters Darcy Rowell  and Elizabeth Clark West, among others.

The gift was established to honor Hughes’ commitment in pursuing social change and transforming culture. From women’s rights to environmentalism, Hughes devoted his life to progressive ideas.

Since the gift’s inception in 2010, eight individuals have received the award for efforts in the areas of inclusion, equity, employment support, human rights, social justice, academic incentive programs and active citizenship. The award recipients are leaders who not only foster Lehigh's historic educational mission, values and core beliefs but also push Lehigh in new directions and heights of excellence.

Story by Dawn Thren.

"I have always believed his legacy as three pillars: First, provide an educational environment for curiosity and critical thinking; second, give back to the community through public service; and third, never be afraid to challenge the status quo.”

Elizabeth Clark West