M.Ed. Elementary Education & PA State PreK-4 Certification (Dual Special Education PreK-8 certification available)

Dr. Thomas Hammond
Faculty and students - working together

This 42-credit (minimum) program prepares students for Pennsylvania Level I certification as PreK-4 teachers and leads to the awarding of a master’s degree in Elementary Education.  Thirty (30) credits minimum is required for the master’s degree.  Dual certification in PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8 is an option for 12 additional credits (54 credit hours).

The elementary teacher education program leads to a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree and Instructional I certification that qualifies the candidate to teach in the public schools of Pennsylvania. The program is designed for the college graduate who, as an undergraduate, specialized in a field other than education and who is capable of beginning his or her study of professional practice at an advanced level.

Pennsylvania certification is widely accepted nationwide under reciprocity agreements with many other states.

The focus of the program is the development of the teacher candidate’s understanding of the aims and curricula of early elementary or early childhood schools, the purposes and methods employed in teaching all learners (including those with special needs and ELL), basic principles of research and testing, and the techniques of gathering and analyzing educational data. T

he teacher candidate completes a specified program, bears major responsibility for a teaching experience in a supervised practicum, and participates in methodology seminars, being supervised throughout by Lehigh University faculty members.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Requirements for Teacher Education

It is important for individuals considering teaching as a career to be aware of the fairly rigorous academic, health, and personal character requirements for teacher certification that are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for teacher candidates statewide: 

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Application Requirements & Deadlines