Dr. Scott R. Garrigan

Room A117
Research Interests: 
Instructional Design and Technology


    Dr. Garrigan brings a broad base of experience in education and technology to his teaching and research. His interests center around understanding and strengthening the cognitive basis for learning, particularly through the affordances of technology. Specific examples include:

    1. Exploring ways that technology can enhance intrinsic motivation for both formal and informal learning.

    2. Designing simulation, visualization, and game-based models of instruction to support deep engagement and learning.

    3. Identifying successful and sustainable models of public, private, personal, and international education, especially those that implement personal, mobile technologies.

    4. Advancing the design of online courses for K-12, higher education, and adult learning to make them more effective and more accessible to learners.

    5. Incorporating interest-based and informal learning approaches into the theoretical and practical design of instructional.