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Master's (M.Ed.) Educational Leadership & Principal Certification (Hybrid)

Our hybrid (online and onsite) Master's Degree in Ed Leadership is tailored to meet your needs

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  • Application requirements: Online application, transcripts, minimum GPA of 3.0 (undergraduate), two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.
  • Deadline(s): April 15 for summer start, July 15 for fall start and Dec. 15 for spring start
  • Course Requirements: 10 courses (30 credits or 43 credits for M.Ed. + PA Principalship)
  • Typical Course Load: Fall (2 courses), Spring (2 courses), Summer (1-2 courses)
  • Time to Completion:1/2-2 years
  • Alumni Current Positions: Graduates work as PK-12 school leaders and college and university administrators.
  • Note: If you are not a US Citizen, please contact to confirm eligibility to apply to this program.


This program is designed for individuals working at schools abroad who are looking to gain the leadership skills and knowledge that will enable them to pursue their career goals, whether as a K-12 school principal or head of school, or to better hone their teaching talents. 

During fall and spring semesters, master’s candidates take courses online and then for two summers come to Lehigh University’s campus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for intensive summer courses with fellow educators from around the world. 

The M.Ed. students take 30 credits or 10 courses, including five core courses in such areas as organizational leadership, diversity, data-based decision making, and research. In addition, they take another five courses or 15 credits in their areas of interest, with approval by their faculty advisor. So, for example, students can take graduate courses in such subjects as Special Education, Teaching, Learning and Technology, Counseling and other education-related areas. 

Students who seek to earn a master’s degree and Pennsylvania’s K-12 Principal Certification can do so with a total of 43 credits, which includes an internship with a school principal. Those seeking Pennsylvania Principal Certification must be U.S. citizens, hold U.S. teaching certification and have at least three years of experience at an accredited school. For more information on what is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, please see the link below. 

Lehigh’s innovative faculty includes professors with years of experience in school administration and teaching as well as those at the vanguard of research into best practices. Students benefit, not just from faculty expertise, but also in learning from their fellow international master’s candidates who join them at Lehigh University for the summer classes. 

Those wishing to apply should complete the online application and send their official undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required for undergraduate work. Prospective students should also supply two letters of recommendation, either academic or professional. Also required is a personal statement about their work experience and career objectives. They must also give an acknowledgement that they understand the College of Education Policy on clearances. 

For more information on Pennsylvania Department of Education Principal Certification requirements, see this link.


Core Requirements (15 credits)
EDL 400 Organizational Leadership & Change Management (F, SP, SU) 3
EDL 424 Leadership: Self & Groups (F, SU) 3
EDUC 471  Diversity (F, SP, SU) 3
EDL 420 Data Based Decision Making (SU) 3
EDUC 403 Research (F, SP, SU) 3
Leadership & Management Skills (15 credits must be approved by advisor)
Total Credits   30

M.Ed. and Principal Certification

We offer a combined M.Ed. and Principal Certification from the Department of Education in the State of Pennsylvania (43 credit hours).  

Principal Certification (only)

We also offer the Principal Certification program for Pennsylvania with the requirements below:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Master's Degree from an accredited university or college
  • U.S. teacher certification
  • Three years of teaching experience at an accredited school
  • Pass the Praxis test SLLA 6011, Educational Leadership
  • Administration and supervision at the Pennsylvania level
  • For information, call 609-734-5555, or visit
  • When registering for the exam, please use the following codes:
  • Outside the U.S.: 8033
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education:  R2365
  • Within the U.S.: R2365

​​​A student is eligible for the Pennsylvania Principal Certification if they have earned a Master's Degree from an accredited university or college.  For more information regarding Pennsylvania's Department of Education's requirements, visit 


Core Requirements - 12 credits 
(a minimum of 9 core credits must be completed BEFORE proceeding on to courses in the Leadership & Management Skills area)
EDL 400 Organizational Leadership and Change Management (F, SP, SU) 3
EDL 424 Leadership: Self and Groups (F, SU) 3
EDL 421 Instructional Leadership (SP, SU) 3
EDL 420 Data Based Decision Making (SU) 3
Leadership & Management Skills - 15 credits
EDL 422 Curriculum Management for the School Executive (SU) 3
EDL 467 Supervision and Professional Development (SP) 3
EDL 476 School Resources Management (F) 3
EDL 479 School Law and Ethics (SP) 3
EDL 423 Leading Inclusive Learning Systems (F) 3

Apprenticeship - 10 Credits 
(All Core Requirements & Leadership & Management Skills coursework must be completed before proceeding to this section)

EDL 404 The Principalship I (F) 3
EDL 405 The Principalship II (SP) 3
EDL 414 Principal Internship I (F) 2
EDL 415 Principal Internship II (SP) 2
Total Credits 37

Note: In order to attain the Master's degree and Pennsylvania K-12 Principal Certification, students need to also take the following courses in addition to the courses listed above:

  • Educ 471   Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives
  • Educ  403  Research

Click here to view the course catalog which provides descriptions of the courses.