International Counseling Certificate (Hybrid)

Career, academic, cultural transition, and mental health issues have become a main focus in international schools. This certificate emphasizes counseling in community, school, and family settings within international communities. The certificate program consists of a concentration of 4 courses (12 credit hours) in the area of International Counseling. Students must complete the 4 courses over the span of one year. 

Course Work (12 credit hours):

CPsy 436 Culture Centered Career Intervention (3)

Examination of the career development process and interventions for children, adolescents, and adults within a culture-centered perspective. Study of theorists, vocational assessment process, and occupational and psychological information systems.

CPsy 442 Counseling & Therapeutic Approaches (3)

Theory, research, and technique of counseling within a cultural context. Prerequisites: Admission to CPSY Masters program or permission of counseling psychology program coordinator.

CPsy 452 Current Issues in Counseling: Facilitating Healthy Adjustment (3)

The objectives of this course are for educators/counselors to (1) develop proficiency in helping skills, (2) begin to develop an understanding of the educator’s/counselor’s role in facilitating or inhibiting student/client change, and (3) gain knowledge related to mental health issues for Third Culture children and adolescents that include (a)cultural/personal/social adjustment, (b) eating disorders, (c) depression and suicidality, (d)anxiety, (e) drug and alcohol, (f) family dysfunction, and (g) career development.

CPsy 453 Current Issues in Counseling: Building Healthy Communities (3)

The objectives of this course are for students to develop proficiency in counseling skills and gaining knowledge related to constructing prevention programs for children and adolescents that include (a) substance abuse, (b) sexually transmitted disease and teen pregnancy, (c) eating disorders, (d) violence prevention, and (e) resiliency and competency promotion programs. Special focus will be paid to understanding the components of an effective crisis management plan.

Application Requirements & Deadlines