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global institute 2022
Global Institute 2022

The Summer Institute offers global students the opportunity to engage with professors and fellow students in an in-person intensive learning environment. The Summer Institute runs from late-June through the middle of July every year. Courses are offered in a condensed schedule over 5-9 days with a 2+ day break between each course.

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International School Counseling Master's students take three courses each summer for two summers. International School Counseling Certificate students take two classes in one summer. Students are encouraged to take the recommended courses but may choose to take fewer classes each summer and return for additional summers.

In the past, the Summer Institute classes were held in Athens, Greece every other year. We hope to return to an international destination in 2023 for some Summer Institute classes, other classes may be offered online. The location, courses, and dates will be announced by the end of fall 2022.

Summer Institute 2023 Preparation Timeline

End of Fall 2022

  • Summer Institute location, courses, and dates announced

January 2023

  • Summer Institute Registration Opens

March 2023

  • Summer Institute Registration for continuing students closes
  • Summer Institute Registration for newly admitted certificate students ongoing
  • Meet with academic advisor and receive PIN for course registration in Banner

April 2023   

  • Class Registration Opens in Banner
  • Plan travel

May 2023

  • Fill out the Arrival Form with travel details
  • Order course materials if needed

June and July 2023

  • Summer Institute 

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