PA Educator Tuition Incentive


EFFECTIVE SUMMER 2022: The Pennsylvania Educator Tuition Incentive provides a 10% discount on up to 18 credits per year, summer through spring, to any individual who holds a current Pennsylvania educator license or certification. Tuition discounts can be applied to single courses, certificates, or a degree. This program replaces the Professional Development Scholarship agreement COE had with some local school districts. If you were participating in that program, please use the form below to be approved to participate in the Pennsylvania Educator Tuition Incentive program.

Some school districts/organizations have limits on the number of credits their employees may be reimbursed for; this is between the employee and the district/organization. Lehigh COE is offering a 10% discount on up to 18 credits. It is the student's responsibility to manage their coursework within the parameters of their district/organization's contract with its employees. The tuition incentive will be calculated into each individual’s tuition bill, which will be billed directly to the student. It is the student's responsibility to pay the bill, set up a payment plan or request payment deferral from the Bursar's office. Direct billing to the district/organization is not offered.

PA Educator Tuition Incentive Procedures

In order to obtain approval as an eligible Pennsylvania educator (as well as receive a fee waiver code for your application if you have not already applied) through Lehigh’s College of Education, you must fill out this form. Once you have submitted this form, the Office of Admissions will review your response to confirm that you are eligible to take courses in a COE program under the Pennsylvania Educator Tuition Incentive program. If you have any questions regarding the program, please review this FAQ document or contact

Once it is confirmed that you are eligible, the Office of Admissions will send a fee waiver code to you via email. Application fees are non-refundable. If you have already applied, we cannot refund your application fee.

If you are an employee of ABA and LCTI and interested in taking classes under the Professional Development Scholarship agreement with your organization, please reach out to the Admissions Office at for next steps.