Pennsylvania Department of Education Approved Certifications
Pennsylvania Department of Education Approved Certifications

Lehigh's College of Education offers stand-alone certifications in English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist, PK-12 Principal, Superintendent PK-12 of Schools - Letter of Eligibility and Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction. Students may also earn a certification in while enrolled in a Master's program. 

We also offer an administrative office, the Office of Professional Development, that is designed to support our students through the collection of clearances for all programs in which students go to schools for experience, place students in field experiences including student/intern teaching experience, and serve as a conduit with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Teacher Education Certifications

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Specialist Certification

This is a fully online 5-course add-on certificate for K-12 educators who are already certified or those who are in the process of getting their certification.

Educational Leadership Certifications

PK-12 Principal Certification

Our 13-course program is designed for educators who are interested in assuming a position as a Principal.

Superintendent PK-12 of Schools Certification - Letter of Eligibility 

This 6-course program (additional 4-courses that comprise a apprenticeship) is designed for PK-12 administrators seeking certification to excel in the superintendent role.

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Certification

This 7-course program builds the capacity of aspiring supervisors to work closely with school leaders to improve teacher effectiveness and thereby improve student learning.