Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees @ Lehigh's College of Education
Doctoral Degrees @ Lehigh's College of Education

Our doctoral degree programs employ a scientist/practitioner model of learning and focus on best practices. We believe that research is not separate from application or practice. Our doctoral students collaborate closely with faculty to generate new theories and classification systems, experimental approaches to assessing pressing issues, and a wide range of models within the content of specific research agendas.

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology

The Ph.D. program, which is accredited by the American Psychological Association, trains students to become effective counseling psychologists who demonstrate the competencies necessary to deliver mental health services to multicultural client populations in various settings.

Ed.D. Educational Leadership

The doctorate of Educational Leadership program is designed to provide candidates with several avenues of study to enable them to reach their career goals, whether that be as a top K-12 school administrator, the head of a community organization or institution, a researcher investigating the best practices in the field or a leader in a government agency.  

Ph.D. School Psychology + School Psychologist Certification

The Ph.D. program in School Psychology at Lehigh University is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and approved by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Ph.D. Special Education

Our program prepares students for careers in educational leadership in higher education as teacher trainers, consultants, and researchers.

Ph.D. Teaching, Learning, & Technology

Graduates work as college and university administrators, website designers, faculty in higher education and educational researchers as well as those who work in professional development and education for the corporate sector and institutions, such as museums and hospitals.