College of Education, Department of Education and Human Services
Iacocca Hall, Mountaintop Campus

The College of Education consists of a single department, the Department of Education and Human Services and five distinct academic programs: Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership, School Psychology, Special Education and Teaching, Learning and Technology (teacher education and instructional technology). In addition, the college supports a set of interrelated programs to include Centennial School, Center for Promoting Research to Practice (CPRP), Global Distance Programs, and the Office of Professional Certification.

The overarching focus of these programs is to prepare students for leadership roles in evidence based, cross-disciplinary inquiry that shapes educational practices nationally and internationally.

While the College of Education prepares individuals for leadership roles in school systems, we also prepare individuals for a variety of positions in business and industry, healthcare, private practice, international development, and community-based organizations.

In this rapidly evolving world, the work our students do at Lehigh is the very foundation of equity, opportunity, and positive transformation for individuals across the lifespan.