Lehigh University and its College of Education thrive because, as John A. Stoops, the College’s first dean, once noted, “Lehigh’s founders taught their University to be future-minded.”

Lehigh’s education program, one of the oldest in the country, has been progressive since its inception.

Percy Hughes, a Lehigh professor who was instrumental in developing the program, revolutionized teaching methods across all university faculties, encouraged curriculum reforms and worked tirelessly to make the university co-educational.

He created extension and summer courses that allowed women to enroll and brought the first female professor to campus to teach psychology summer courses.

Today, the College of Education’s dedicated faculty and students continue this forward-thinking tradition as they create rich, new learning environments and conduct research focused on improving the lives of children around the globe.

With a deep appreciation of our distinguished past, we look forward to all that the College of Education is poised to accomplish in the years to come and hope you will join us.

"All the experiences have given me the knowledge and skills I need to effectively work alongside families to help children of all ages be successful at school academically, emotionally, and socially."

Sarah Patches, Ed.S., School Psychology '15


Pennsylvania Department of Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is the executive department of the state charged with publicly funded preschool, K-12 and adult educational budgeting, management and guidelines. As the state education agency, its activities are directed by the governor appointed Pennsylvania's Secretary of Education.

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association was founded in 1892 with 31 members and grew quickly after World War II. Today, APA has more than 115,700 members and 54 divisions in subfields of psychology. We aspire to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organization advancing psychology as a science.

National Association of School Psychologists

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) represents and supports the profession of school psychology by advancing effective practices to improve students' learning, behavior and mental health and maintaining essential standards for ethics and practice.

Ranked #49

U.S. News & World Report, Best Education Graduate School

Join the Nation's Best

Our College of Education has been consistently ranked in the Top 50 of U.S. News & World Report. Most recently, the the college ranked 74th out of 256 education schools, ranked 49th out of 255 in 2017 and 46th among 246 education colleges in 2016. We expect to return to our former rankings in the Top 50.

The College of Education offers an excellent array of graduate programs led by research-active faculty who have a national and international reputation for their scholarly work in their specific areas of research.

Lehigh is deeply committed to helping its graduate students on their path toward an advanced degree, encouraging a deepening of their research interests and working to make graduate studies at Lehigh an enriching and gratifying experience.

As we look across the various metrics that are used in this assessment, it’s very apparent that the outcome is a result of the quality of the students that we are attracting, the high level of scholarship that faculty and students are producing, and the solid programs that have been designed and put in place.

Faculty in Lehigh’s College of Education have long been recognized for productivity and groundbreaking research. 

College of Education, Department of Education and Human Services
Iacocca Hall, Mountaintop Campus

The College of Education consists of a single department, the Department of Education and Human Services and with six distinct academic programs. In addition, the college supports a set of interrelated programs to include Centennial School, Center for Developing Urban Educational Leaders (CDUEL), Center for Promoting Research to Practice (CPRP), Office of Global Online Training and Degrees, and the Office of Teacher Certification.

The Department of Education and Human Services consists of the following five programs: Counseling Psychology, Educational Leadership, School Psychology, Special Education and Teaching, Learning and Technology (teacher education and instructional technology/design).

The overarching focus of these programs is to prepare students for leadership roles in evidence based, cross-disciplinary inquiry that shapes educational practices nationally and internationally. While the College of Education prepares individuals for leadership roles in school systems, we also prepare individuals for a variety of positions in business and industry, healthcare, private practice, international development, and community-based organizations.

We embrace the philosophy that a quality education experience should provide the instruction, resources, and experience necessary to create a new type of educator, one who understands the nature of learning, the role of new knowledge, values collaboration and teamwork, and embraces societal challenges.

Our alums provide additional avenues of opportunity for our students and ground-breaking research through generous gifts to the College of Education. This ensures that the Lehigh experience will be available for future promising educators and professionals who will make their own difference in the lives of so many.

Student Composition
615 Total Graduate Students
376 Master's Students
159 Doctoral Students
67 Non-Degree & Certification
13 Educational Specialist
Faculty Composition
30 Tenure Track Faculty Members
6 Professors of Practice
1 Visiting Professors