Financial Aid


Financial aid is available for regular, full-time or part-time graduate students. This section provides information to help you navigate various forms of aid when attempting to finance your graduate education expenses. 

Billing Information: The Bursar's office generates Billing Statements on a monthly basis.  Students who have a balance due or have had account activity since their last statement will receive an email to let them know when their statement is available.  Fall semester tuition statements are generated in mid-July, with a due date of August 1. Spring semester tuition statements are generated in mid-December, with a due date of January 1. For more information and to confirm the deadlines for payment, please visit the Bursar's website.

For Graduate payment plans, please note that this is only for Fall and Spring.

Graduate Payment Plan: Lehigh offers a payment plan that enables you to spread each semester’s educational expenses over three installments. The fee to participate ranges from $25 to $50 depending on when you apply. This optional plan is extremely popular with our students. For more information about this program, visit the Bursar's website.

Research assistantships (RAs), graduate assistantships (GAs), fellowships, and scholarships are academic awards offered by the University, academic departments, and by the Dean’s Office. Loans and work study employment are distributed by the Office of Financial Aid and are awarded through the Financial Aid Office beginning with applicant completion of a Lehigh University Graduate Student Financial Aid application.

The College and Department of Education & Human Services allocates scholarship awards to the six academic programs. These scholarships are disbursed on needs-basis, seniority-basis, or merit-basis (left to the discretion of the program faculty). The top priority for student scholarship funding is given to full-time doctoral students.

Assistance for doctoral students:

  • Tuition scholarship (tuition credits only)
  • Graduate assistant (GA) (tuition credits plus stipend) Full-time (20 hours/week & 9 credits/semester)* Part-time (10 hours/week & 3-4 credits/semester)*
  • Grant opportunities
  • Research assistant (RA) (tuition credits plus stipend)
  • Personnel preparation/training grants

Assistance for master's students:

  • Full-time work opportunities (with part-time tuition credits) at Centennial School, an approved private school and outreach consultation program, for students who have intense emotional and behavioral needs. Graduate students are typically employed as full-time teachers, although other part-time experiences are sometimes available (e.g., job coaches). Full or part-time salary plus tuition. Contact: Dr. Julie Vogt, (610) 266-6500.

We encourage you to visit Lehigh University's Office of Financial Aid. Their website will provide you with information and resources for financing your graduate education.

Special note to International students: Visa regulations require that international applicants have sufficient funds available for the duration of their entire program of study. If a prospective student is offered admission and subsequently accepts the offer, the student must provide verification of financial support for themselves and their accompanying dependents for the first calendar year. Except for assistantship appointments, international students should not plan on other employment as a source of support. For students from countries that impose restrictions on the exchange and release of funds for study in the United States, approval of release of funds will be requested if the applicant accepts the offer of admission from Lehigh University. We urge you to visit the Office of International Scholars. They provide support services to all international students, scholars, and their families while at Lehigh University. Their office offers a variety of services, including: immigration advising, serving as a resource center, and offering social and cultural programming for the entire Lehigh community.