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Friday, September 6

Fairly new to campus, the Lehigh Immigration Coalition has ambitious plans to make Lehigh a supportive campus for immigrant students, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients and undocumented students.

The six students who initiated the Coalition, Vicki... Continue reading »

Tuesday, August 27

Looking back, Dr. Ana Dueñas can admit she had a lot to learn about autism spectrum disorder when she first began working with children with autism autistic students.

She was working in an afterschool program for students with autism and their siblings, with the... Continue reading »

Tuesday, August 27

The boy would throw chairs across the classroom. He would cause other disruptions too, yelling inappropriate comments, or threatening to set things on fire. One time, he stabbed another student with a pencil.

Dr. Kristi Morin knew he wasn’t beyond hope. 

“... Continue reading »

Monday, August 26

Dr. Susan Woodhouse, a researcher in the Counseling Psychology program at Lehigh University, is interviewed about her research on secure base provision on the Danielle Smith Show on 770 CHQR in... Continue reading »

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