Diversity and Inclusion

Multicultural Resource Center
Multicultural Resource Center

We strive to effect change for those affected by social injustice and inequity. Our students, faculty and staff lead the charge in bringing opportunity to diverse communities, both locally and across the globe.

Diversity is an essential piece of the educational experience at Lehigh COE. A diverse learning environment helps member of our community to challenge stereotypes and develop complex critical thinking skills, better prepares them to become active citizens and leaders, and equips them to live as members of an international community. We embrace our responsibility to create a welcoming environment for all members of the community, including underrepresented faculty, staff, and students; persons with disabilities persons of disadvantaged socioeconomic status, and international students. To accomplish this, we will actively work toward levels of diversity that reflect the country’s diversity.

We work to develop awareness and consensus around concepts of equity and diversity through the Multicultural Resource Center by:

  1. Hosting world cafes, panels, and debates surrounding issues and research related to diversity and social justice.
  2. Cross-institutional exchanges with other universities and through foundation efforts
  3. Seeking out and developing funding sources for social justice and diversity efforts
  4. Seeking federal research funding to conduct studies and disseminate results of best practices in diversity and social justice

We strive to increase the diversity of faculty, staff, and students by:

  1. Determining the current level of international, gender, ethnic, SES, and sexual orientation diversity in our faculty, staff, and students. 
  2. Setting goals based on current level of diversity matched to national norms in an incremental manner
  3. Strengthening the recruitment and retention efforts of diverse faculty, staff, and students
  4. Recruiting students with a commitment to empirical research in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism

We promote value and respect of multiple perspectives by:

  1. Creating national and trans-national partnerships through grants and foundations
  2. Creating mentoring opportunities across the Lehigh campus community
  3. Ongoing assessments of faculty, staff, and student values and respect for multiple perspectives
  4. Creating statements expressing our commitment to the value and consideration of diverse perspectives in COE activities

Lehigh University is devoted to creating a rich educational experience and committed to creating an environment where we all learn, work and live together, transcending racial, cultural and other boundaries. Students flourish in an academic environment where they can and do learn from their life experiences as well as from the diverse backgrounds and opinions of those around them.