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Tuesday, June 16
Dr. Germán A. Cadenas Joins the Podcast Undocumented Black Girl with Denea Joseph

Dr. Germán A. Cadenas joined in on the popular podcast "The Undocumented Black Girl" with with Denea Joseph. The topic focused on cultural competency in the mental health profession as related to...

Tuesday, May 5
Students' mental health will be affected by coronavirus. Are schools ready?

The 30 million children currently out of a traditional educational environment will hopefully return to classrooms in the fall. So the question lingers: Are schools ready for the mental health...

Monday, April 27
Addressing sexual violence within the LGBTQ+ community through Define it! and The Resistance Lab

Nicole ‘Nic’ Johnson, PhD, started as a researcher investigating violence against women and through this work noticed a trend  –  sexual identity continuously arose as a “confounding variable.”...

Monday, January 13
College of Education Researchers Awarded AERA/NSF Grant to Study Dual-Licensure Policies

Jihyun Kim and Esther Lindström have received funding to explore the effects of states’ dual-licensure policies on teacher preparation quality and outcomes for students with disabilities. 


Tuesday, September 25
Podcast: ELLs with Disabilities - Dr. Sara Kangas

On the Highest Aspirations Podcast, we engage in important conversations about the most rapidly growing student demographic in the United States - English Language Learners. We speak with...