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The central mission of research conducted by faculty and students in Lehigh’s College of Education is to improve the lives of individuals across the lifespan by enhancing educational, psychological, and social functioning.

We accomplish this mission by conducting research that is relevant and accessible to our stakeholders including school and mental health professionals, policy makers, and families. We believe that research is critically important in informing and improving educational and mental health policy and practice. Thus, the community is our “laboratory” in that we conduct research in collaboration with our stakeholders to address critical issues that affect the daily lives of students, families, and adults. And our research involves data collection at the “point of performance”, i.e., in the real world settings and timeframes where behaviors of interest occur. 

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Although our college is relatively small in terms of number of faculty, we are extraordinarily productive in the quantity, quality, and breadth of our research and scholarship. This is reflected by traditional academic metrics of publication rates, citations by other scholars, and receipt of grant research funding. More importantly, our faculty, students, and alumni produce work of lasting impact on educational and mental health practice in schools and communities as well as on development and implementation of policy.

Our work covers a wide spectrum of issues that are important to the community such as examining the effects of interventions on the educational and psychological functioning of youth and adults with disabilities (e.g., autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders); measuring children’s school readiness and academic skills over time; examining the origins of gender roles and their impact on the psychological status of individuals and communities; or assessing factors that improve the daily practice of school building principals. Of particular note is our Center for Promoting Research to Practice that has produced dozens of studies that have improved school- and community-based services for individuals with educational and mental health disabilities. 

Featured Research

Monday, May 18
2020 Virtual Celebration Honors Doctoral Graduates

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, a virtual doctoral celebration honored the accomplishments of participating doctoral candidates. A formal hooding ceremony will take place at a later date, when the...

Wednesday, April 29
Dr. Jihyun Kim Named Outstanding Reviewer for AERA's American Educational Research Journal

The American Educational Research Association and the editors of the American Educational Research Journal, announced that Dr. Jihyun Kim, assistant professor in the Educational Leadership...

Tuesday, April 28
Lehigh’s College of Education Awarded NSF Grant to Boost Students’ Geospatial Skills

The National Science Foundation has awarded $2.85 million to Lehigh’s College of Education and two other universities to further develop programs to enhance high school students’ geospatial skills...

We endeavor to ensure that our research directly improves educational and mental health practice across local, national, and global communities.

Dr. George DuPaul, Associate Dean for Research

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. H. Lynn Columba

Curriculum Design and Development, Philosophy of Teaching and Schooling, Science, Technology, Arts and Math Teaching Practices

Dr. Bridget V. Dever

Data Informed Decision Making, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Psychometrics, School Psychology and Counseling, Statistical Methods and Theory

Dr. Thomas C. Hammond

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Equity and Justice, Science, Technology, Arts and Math Teaching Practices, Teaching and Technology, Technology Based Interventions

Research News

Tuesday, May 5
Students' mental health will be affected by coronavirus. Are schools ready?

The 30 million children currently out of a traditional educational environment will hopefully return to classrooms in the fall. So the question lingers: Are schools ready for the mental health...

Monday, April 27
Addressing sexual violence within the LGBTQ+ community through Define it! and The Resistance Lab

Nicole ‘Nic’ Johnson, PhD, started as a researcher investigating violence against women and through this work noticed a trend  –  sexual identity continuously arose as a “confounding variable.”...

Monday, January 13
College of Education Researchers Awarded AERA/NSF Grant to Study Dual-Licensure Policies

Jihyun Kim and Esther Lindström have received funding to explore the effects of states’ dual-licensure policies on teacher preparation quality and outcomes for students with disabilities. 


Research Centers

Centennial School

Centennial School pursues two principal missions; serving children and youth with educational disabilities and preparing high quality teachers to enter the workforce of special education.

Center for Promoting Research to Practice

The Center for Promoting Research to Practice generates knowledge that impacts the lives of individuals with, or at risk for disabilities. 

Autism Services Clinic

Lehigh University Autism Services is a university-based research and professional training center for autism spectrum disorders.