International Internship Program

Lehigh University’s International Internship Program provides students with full fellowships to participate in internship, research or practicum experiences in organizations around the world. The internship is a full-time experience, which allows for a true cultural immersion.

While students gain practical career-related experience and an enhanced global perspective, the organizations that host the students get driven, intelligent interns to work on short-term projects and an opportunity to mentor young people.

These experiences are 6 to 12 weeks over the summer, unpaid and not credit bearing. Lehigh University pays for each student’s travel, accommodation and meals.  A modest stipend is available to students with demonstrated need.

The College of Education faculty provide experiences around the globe. Here are a few:

Campaign for Social Inclusion in the Czech Republic

This program will be an applied practicum designed to foster understanding of major contributors to social inclusion, and to develop an online platform for international exchange of ideas about best practices for inclusion, as well as an online media campaign to serve as a catalyst for innovation and communication to promote inclusive attitudes. This development will be a first step toward creating international connections. Contact Dr. Christine Novak ( or 610-758-3544)

Internships for Community Development, Evaluation, and Research in Indonesia 

Lehigh students will be placed in internships alongside UGM university students, UGM faculty, and local community representatives in and near Yogyakarta City on one of three community development projects. These community development projects include (1) performance improvement of small and medium-sized batik-making enterprises and tourism development, (2) community empowerment to develop local economic growth through medicinal herbs cultivation, and (3) community facilitation of the Increased Revenue for Family Welfare movement. Each of these projects has a significant women’s empowerment component. Contact Dr. Alexander Wiseman ( or 610-758-5740)

For more information, please visit this link.