Dr. Brittany Zakszeski

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Brittany Zakszeski is a postdoctoral fellow at the Devereux Center for Effective Schools, where she partners with schools and other child-serving institutions to provide systems-level training and consultation in support of school climate, learning, and behavioral health. Much of her work is focused in urban and alternative school settings as well as with populations of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Zakszeski’s research interests center around applying implementation science to understand and promote schools’ adoption and sustained use of evidence-based practices within multi-tiered systems of support. She is particularly invested in:

  • Enriching systems-level prevention and intervention within an interconnected systems framework (i.e., supporting behavioral, emotional, and social wellness in addition to academic learning),
  • Developing and augmenting multi-tiered systems of professional development and implementation support (e.g., coaching and consultation), and
  • Advancing school personnel’s use of effective data-based decision making to achieve positive system and individual outcomes related to behavioral, emotional, and social wellness.