Dr. Juan Zheng

Dr. Zheng is an assistant professor of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology program. She has a background in both educational technology and educational psychology. Her research focuses on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and computer simulations into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education (STEM). Most recently, she works on integrating AI into a simulated learning environment to facilitate students' engineering design.  She uses think-aloud, self-report, computer trace data, facial expressions, and physiological sensors to measure students’ cognitive, metacognitive, and emotional processes. 

Selected Publication:

Zheng, J., Huang, L., Li, S., Lajoie, S.P., Chen Y., Hmelo-Silver, C (2021). Exploring instructors’ self-regulation and emotions: A case study of instructor interactions with a learning analytics dashboard. Computers & Education. 104061

Zheng, J., Li, S., Lajoie, S.P. (2021). Diagnosing virtual patients in a technology-rich learning environment: A sequential mining of students’ efficiency and behavioral pattern. Education and Information Technologies. 1-17

Zheng, J., Xing, W., Zhu, G., Chen, G., Zhao, H., & Xie, C. (2020). Profiling self-regulation behaviors in STEM learning of engineering design. Computers & Education, 143, 103669

Zheng, J., Li, S. (2020). What drives students' intention to use tablet computers: An extended technology acceptance model. International Journal of Educational Research102, 101612

Zheng, J., Xing, W., Huang, X., Li, S., Chen, G., & Xie, C. (2020). The role of self-regulated learning on science and design knowledge gains in engineering projects. Interactive Learning Environments, 1-13

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