Dr. Germán A. Cadenas Joins the Podcast Undocumented Black Girl with Denea Joseph

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 4:30pm

Dr. Germán A. Cadenas joined in on the popular podcast "The Undocumented Black Girl" with with Denea Joseph. The topic focused on cultural competency in the mental health profession as related to Black Lives Matter. Dr. Cadenas is an assistant professor with the Lehigh Counseling Psychology program. His research focuses on the psychology of undocumented immigrants and underrepresented minorities, particularly their critical consciousness development and its links to higher education outcomes, work and career development, and psychological wellbeing. Dr. Cadenas focuses on social oppression experienced by immigrants, including race-based discrimination. 

His research also encompasses strategies for training educators and mental health providers with competencies in social justice and multiculturalism to serve undocumented immigrants. His work has received extramural funding and has been published in outlets such as Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Journal of Career Development, The Counseling Psychologist, and Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.  He leads the Liberation Psychology Lab at Lehigh University, where graduate students and community groups collaborate on participatory action research projects. 

Denea Jospeh started the Undocumented Black Girl Podcast because as a Black DACA recipient from Belize, Central America she wanted to reclaim her story and be the author of my her narrative. So, she is using the podcast to inform listeners about Black immigrants as it pertains to immigration, politics from the lens of a Black woman who happens to be an immigrant and provide commentary on hot button social issues.

Research Focus: 
Field of Expertise: 
Social Justice Activism and Advocacy