Webinar with Dean Gaudelli on the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-30 and how they will be affected by COVID-19

Monday, June 15, 2020 - 11:15am

Taken together, the 17 comprehensive goals are full of real-world connections to prepare young people for living in a globally interconnected world.

No matter your teaching background, this professional development will provide you with meaningful curriculum connections that can be found in the goals, including policy and civic dimensions for social studies, educational access with respect to teaching language and literacy, climate change and species extinction for science educators, and statistical measurements for mathematics teaching.

Particular attention was paid to the current COVID-19 crisis, specifically how the world finds itself in the current situation, what value the SDGs have for addressing the contemporary crises and future ones as well as approaches to teaching about the global pandemic.

About the Speaker

William Gaudelli, Ed.D. is the 8th Dean of the College of Education at Lehigh University. Dean Gaudelli’s career spans 30 years as a classroom teacher, researcher, professor, and seasoned administrator. A prominent international scholar, his research areas focus on global citizenship education and teacher education and development.

Dr. Gaudelli most recently served as the Chair of the Department of Arts and Humanities, at Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to his department chair role, he was both a faculty member and program director of the social studies program. Before joining Columbia in 2006, Dr. Gaudelli held the position of associate professor and program supervisor at the University of Central Florida.

He has published over 60 scholarly pieces and three books, currently researching a fourth book entitled Pedagogy of the Global Event. His research in global citizenship education and teacher development is widely read among scholars and has garnered over 1100 citations on Google Scholar. In his latest book, Global Citizenship Education: Everyday Transcendence, he offers an analysis of global citizenship education in various global locales. 

Dr. Gaudelli is a frequent keynoter at international conferences and guest lecturer at various universities. Over the past five years, Dr. Gaudelli has given over 40 invited keynotes and talks, most recently in China, Italy, Israel, Thailand, Japan, India, Poland, Hong Kong, Germany and South Korea. He has participated in panel discussions and conferences with UNESCO, UNAI, UNAOC, and WFUNA and a wide-range of professional organizations.

Research Focus: 
Communities and Families
International Education
Field of Expertise: 
Global Citizenship