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New Courses in Educational Leadership Open for Enrollment in 2022-23

May 9 2022 - 1:00pm

Lehigh University College of Education will offer three courses in Higher Education through the Educational Leadership Program, beginning in Fall of 2022. All three courses will be taught by former Lehigh University President John Simon and will address current challenges facing higher education.

Courses are open to current students as well as individuals in the community interested in higher education. There are no prerequisites for the courses and the three courses do not need to be taken as a sequence. 

You've Got Email - With 24/7 communications, how can a principal ever catch up?

Jul 22 2020 - 4:00pm

A principal's time is always in demand, and communication is a major factor in this cycle. About 100 years ago, researchers were studying how dictated letters affected principals' workdays. Today, of course, communication methods have changed dramatically. Educators may opt to communicate with their students via text message, phone calls, or video chats in addition to more traditional communications (particularly while school buildings have been closed due to the pandemic).

Catalysts for Social Change

Oct 12 2009 - 1:15pm

Social change starts in our schools, which makes the roles of school leaders critical and complex. Here, Tom Persing ’69 and Rachel Holler ’06 —both College of Education graduates— discuss the changing dynamics and generational differences in educational leadership.

Pursuing a Passion for Educational Equity

Feb 11 2020 - 6:45pm

Doctoral student Megan Hauser works to incorporate leadership and equity into the classroom.

As an educator and doctoral student, Megan Hauser has focused her efforts on equity issues. Now, as a participant in the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Women to Women Mentorship Program, she has another opportunity to develop her leadership skills and pursue her passion for educational equity.  

Megan Hauser pursues a doctoral degree in the College of Education's educational leadership program. Photo: Courtesy of Megan Hauser.

Ed Leadership Doc Student Tashina L. Khabbaz Weighs in on Sex Trafficking for 69 News Spanish channel

Jan 30 2020 - 8:45am

Doctoral Student in Lehigh's Educational Leadership program, Tashina L. Khabbaz was interviewed by the 69 News Spanish channel about sex trafficking in the LV. Tashina shared information about a recent workshop she led with the director of VAST for the Allentown Parent Network.

Lehigh Educational Leadership Voted one of the top 2020 Online Master's Degree Programs

Jan 16 2020 - 9:30am

Students who pursue any one of these programs can expect to gain employment much quicker in comparison to candidates without a degree. In addition to accessibility and cost, the steady job growth in this market is one of the many reasons researched and ranked the Top Master's in Educational Leadership Degree Programs.