• Go Beyond: The Campaign for Future Makers
  • Many wonder what the future holds. At Lehigh, we shape it together.

    Let's GO Beyond

GO Beyond: The Campaign for Future Makers

GO: The Campaign for Lehigh is a historic, comprehensive undertaking that encompasses hundreds of initiatives to support our four colleges, athletics, international programs, and more. This vitally important fundraising and engagement effort will strengthen our ability to ensure talented students have access to the Lehigh experience and a vibrant environment; prepare students with powerful experiential learning opportunities necessary for success; and fuel a community of researchers and thought-leaders who drive progress.

To provide your immediate support to GO: The Campaign for Lehigh, please click the Make a Gift button. For more information on how your gift can have an impact, please contact Annie Badasarian, director of development, at 610-758-2692 or ajb815@lehigh.edu.

The College of Education’s Mission 

Education is critical to an open, democratic, and diverse society, and we are generating knowledge that responds to major educational challenges around the globe. We develop professionals and scholars who are informed by evidence-based practice that go on to leadership positions. Our vision for the future is transformational and comprehensive. Through active research programs, our students graduate as highly skilled practitioners in the areas of educational leadership, counseling, psychology, and pedagogy. Our programs develop the future leaders of our changing global society.

Join us as we move Lehigh and the Lehigh experience forward, for our students and for the world they will help build. We are ready to secure our university’s position as a leader in teaching, learning, and advancing ideas that improve lives across the lifespans and in diverse communities globally. 

To provide your immediate support to GO: The Campaign for Lehigh, please click the Make a Gift button. For more information on how your gift can have an impact, please contact Annie Badasarian, director of development, at 610-758-2692 or ajb815@lehigh.edu. With your gift, we will achieve the following initiatives for the College of Education: 

Experiential Learning 

Personal learning (PL), design pedagogy, and maker-spaces front-load a core pedagogical principle: student experience as the center of gravity in learning situations. PL draws upon a competency-based model of learning to promote student agency, choice, and executive skill development to promote life-long learning. Design pedagogy — or the teacher’s side of the PL equation — implements ways of rethinking whole-group instruction in ways that promote collaboration, team-building and iterative thinking. Maker spaces are gymnasiums of the mind/body, giving learners and educators access to materials, technologies, and texts that focus on remaking the world. 

Research to Practice for Disabilities Education & Autism

The Autism Center provides services to families with autistic children and generates and disseminates research findings that are changing the lives of people with or at risk of disabilities. Our top faculty and researchers have been working to discover how kids work best. They are working with teachers, parents, and peers to put interventions into action. This boots-on-the-ground level of work is going to be a tremendous asset to the next generation of teachers. COE faculty members are known for their exceptional research and their ability to fast-track knowledge dissemination in a field where it can sometimes take up to 10 years for a practice to be adopted. Alongside these Lehigh experts, the next generation of teachers and researchers are engaging in hands-on training that equips them with valuable skills as they work to support children and communities.

Global Education

Global education grows our efforts to promote teaching and learning for a global society. There has never been a more urgent time to elevate research, scholarship, and practice relating to global education.  Globalization and the increasing interconnectivity and interdependence of people, events, and problems that transcend borders have raised the stakes with respect to the need for global education. This has brought global learning into greater prominence as an effective and essential component of quality teaching and learning, especially for developing professionals.

Center for Social/Emotional Wellness

Schools have historically focused on cognition and learning. The relative inattention to social and emotional well-being has become more pronounced as school violence, bullying, and social ills manifest within the schoolhouse gate. The center will contribute leading-edge research for professional development and annual policy reports to shape scholarship, practice, and policy to promote greater wellness. 

Leadership for Innovation and New Learning 

Changes in information access and learning capacity will increasingly reshape teaching and learning within and beyond schools. These changes require new thinking about leadership — rethinking evaluation, resourcing, organizing and managing schools — aimed at refashioning the industrial-era school for an information and communication age. The opportunity is especially pronounced for higher education leadership from the community college through research-intensive institutions.

Center for Community Research across the Lifespan

Access to high-quality, culturally-resonant developmental support and health services is needed across the ages. By engaging individuals, families, and community partners, our approaches integrate social/emotional and cognitive dimensions while focusing on infants and toddlers, pre-K through age 16, and adults and the elderly. The center will conduct research and offer programming to support integrated systems of care while intersecting with schools as center points of the community. 

Areas in which community research are needed include:

  • School/early childhood, education, and care
  • Physical health services
  • Mental health services
  • Nutrition and education about food