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ACT 45 and ACT 48

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What is ACT 48? 

Act 48 hours are a requirement in Pennsylvania for educators to maintain an active certificate.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification to complete continuing education requirements every five years to maintain their certificates in active status. This requirement, established in July 1, 2000, is referred to as Act 48.

All educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification must earn 180 Act 48 hours (approved professional development hours) every five years to remain in active status.

The five-year period begins on the day the educator’s initial instructional certificate is issued. At least 12 months before the five-year period ends, the Pennsylvania Department of Education will notify educators and their schools of their current status, i.e. the number of hours completed and the numbers of hours needed.

How can I earn ACT 48 credits at Lehigh University? 

  1. Take credited coursework at Lehigh University. To fulfill the 180-hour Act 48 requirement, only two 3-credit courses, or other combination of 6 total credits, need to be reported. Check out our course listing here!
  2. Participate in a non-credit workshop or course at Lehigh University. We offer many workshops and events throughout the year. If you take a non-credit workshop or course at Lehigh, your hours will be automatically uploaded once the group roster has been submitted to the OTC. Visit our events page! When ACT 48 is offered through a non-credit program, it is always stated.

What is ACT 45?

The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program is a statewide, standards-based continuing professional education program for school and system leaders. This comprehensive, cohort-based program is focused on developing the capacity of leaders to improve student achievement. 

This program meets the requirements of Act 45 of 2007, which directs the Department to establish a Principal Induction Program that addresses the three core PA leadership standards and a Continuing Professional Education Program that addresses the three core and six corollary PA leadership standards.

Program courses provide continuing professional education credit/hours needed by certified administrators serving in PIL-covered positions in commonwealth schools, and also offers courses that have been approved to fulfill the Act 45 Principal Induction requirement.  

How can I earn ACT 45 credits at Lehigh University? 

There is only one way that you can earn ACT 45 credits at Lehigh University and that is by taking a course through our Educational Leadership program. Courses must have the EDL in the course number.


Visit our Office of Teacher Certification which administers ACT 45 & ACT 48 for more information!